38% ‘Abandoning’ DIY Property Renovations

Doing work on your home yourself can be a fulfilling endeavour, but you do need to actually finish the projects you undertake. Unfortunately, a new survey has revealed that 38 per cent of people start projects but don’t complete them – so bear this in mind the next time you’re considering property renovations in Buckinghamshire or elsewhere!

According to Halifax, this statistic could be down to the fact that people lack confidence in their own skill set when it comes to home improvements, with 58 per cent saying they don’t know how to put up shelves, 21 per cent admitting they can’t change a light bulb and 27 per cent unsure of how to paint their own home.

Tips from the company to help people do it themselves include preparing well and making sure they have the right tools and equipment, planning out a budget and sticking to it, and getting in professional tradesmen for electrical, plumbing or gas work.

“For more specialist jobs involving gas, electrical, plumbing or structural work, it’s essential to call a qualified expert, or homeowners risk invalidating their home insurance policy, not to mention possibly putting themselves and others at risk,” senior claims manager Martyn Foulds remarked.

It may be tempting to try and do some of the big jobs yourself, in the hope that it will save you money, but if it goes wrong you could end up having to pay out a lot more than you would if you’d just brought in a carpenter, electrician or plumber to help in the first place.

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