£22bn Spent On DIY ‘In Last 12 Months’

Hertfordshire homeowners look set to focus on property renovations in the coming year, with new research revealing that more than £22 billion has been spent on DIY in the last 12 months – and two out of three people intend to continue with their projects well into 2016.

Carried out by Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards, the study found that the most popular areas for refurbishment are the back garden, the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

“Whether you’re painting, wallpapering or tiling, the cost of DIY projects can soon add up; a credit card offering no interest on purchases is a good way to spread the cost, keeping within your monthly budget,” head of banking with the organisation Simon Ranson said.

If you are intending to do some renovation work this year or next, you need to be aware of your own limitations. Many people think they can do it all themselves and while there are certainly some jobs you can easily learn to do without the help of a professional joiner, carpenter, electrician or plumber, some tasks need to be done by someone with more experience and the proper qualifications.

Make sure you do not undertake any electrical work yourself. If certain jobs are not carried out by someone qualified to do them, you could invalidate your home insurance policy. You also do not want to cause unnecessary damage to your property, which could easily happen unless you’re realistic about your own capabilities. Get in touch with us here at All Dimensions to see how we can help.

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