Planning Hertfordshire Property Renovations – Your Guide

Planning your Hertfordshire property renovations requires a great deal of thought, especially in the well developed commuter towns such as Berkhamsted, Tring, Harpenden and St. Albans.

The first port of call is always to consult with a reputable architect who like any other tradesman will give free advice and quotations for their services. It is highly likely that you will require council planning permission, but most certainly you will need to comply with building regulations.

Unless your project falls under permitted development, your architect will need to submit a set of scaled drawings showing the before and after view of your property. These drawings are then made available for public viewing and subsequently for planning committee approval.

Following a successful planning or permitted development application, a full set or working drawings will then need to be drawn up and submitted to your local council with a full specification of the materials and processes required to complete the build. Failure to comply with building regulations requirements in any structural building project, including knocking through or taking down structural walls can result in very severe financial consequences.

The role of the architect can vary considerably from one project to another. For larger projects such as a new build or large restoration project this role normally takes the form of a design and build role. In this situation the Architect takes control of the build by drawing up a comprehensive specification and contract. A formal tender is then sent out and a builder appointed and employed.

For lesser value extension projects a smaller architect practice is more financially viable. In these situations the client is generally left to appoint the builder and project manage their own project.

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