How To Choose Wood For Your Home Refurbishments

If you’ve got joinery plans in mind for the best carpenters for property renovations Bedfordshire has to offer, have you also started to think about the wood you want to use for your project? Your choice will certainly affect the final look of your project, but there are also other considerations to keep in mind.

The colour of the wood is the most obvious choice that’ll affect your project, however, this perhaps shouldn’t be the defining factor of your choice for your home. There are ways around the colour of the wood you choose, including stains that can transform the interiors to fit your vision. As a natural product, timber will change over time, so keep that in mind too!

You might have heard about hardwoods and softwoods, but they don’t necessarily have a bearing on the durability and toughness of a wood. If your wood is in a high traffic area, it’s essential to make sure it’ll stand the test of time, or else you’ll have to replace it again quickly.

Of course, cost is key to keeping your project on budget, so keep that in mind when choosing your wood. Rarer and pure woods cost more than manmade, engineered wood products, but are sure to give you a great finish. Spend where you can and save where you need to for the perfect harmony in your home.

The team at All Dimensions are experts in all things wood and joinery, so for expert help and advice, get in touch.


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