How To Go Industrial Chic At Home

One of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment is industrial chic, so bear this in mind when carrying out Buckinghamshire loft conversions and other refurbishments at home. But how do you go about bringing this into your living spaces? Check out our top tips.


A quick and easy way to get some industrial flavour in your home décor is to bring in some metallic accents. Copper is huge right now, so think about hanging some big copper pots and pans on display, or having your fixtures and fittings in copper. Don’t go too overboard as it could be a bit overpowering – a few subtle touches here and there is fine.


How you light your space is important, whether you’re going industrial or not, but it’s a simple way of giving your rooms an old-world feel. Consider hanging pendant lights from the ceiling, or find something upcycled for a true industrial feel. We’ve seen some amazing spotlight lamps made out of tripods, as well as old bricks turned into lighting options. Consider exposing your light bulbs as well – a neat trick that’ll make a huge difference.

Colour palette

Stick with neutral colours for this particular look but combine warm and cool hues with a few bold touches (think different shades of grey partnered with a bold black) to really make the right kind of statement.

Make sure you do your research and have a long hard think about how you want your space to look before you start spending any money. That way you’re sure to get it right.

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