Our Guide To Choosing Laminate Flooring

Hertfordshire homeowners looking at laminate flooring could find themselves somewhat overwhelmed the choice available. What you need is the All Dimensions guide to choosing your laminate flooring to ensure you get exactly what you need to make your home look beautiful.


There are different types of laminate flooring on the market. Smooth laminate is really easy to maintain as there are no grooves where dust and dirt can collect. Wood grain comes with small grooves and a visible grain so it looks more like natural wood. And embossed laminate looks the most like real wood so would be a great choice if that’s what you’re going for.


You’ll find laminate comes in different lengths and thicknesses. If your room is small, opt for shorter boards as this will make it easier to lay down. Wider boards do well in bigger rooms but if you want to create a real sense of space in a smaller room, go for narrower boards.


Your floor will inevitably show signs of wear and tear over time but laminate flooring is very durable and would be an excellent option for anyone with cats or dogs.

Underfloor heating

If you want to have underfloor heating at home, you’ll be pleased to hear laminate flooring will not be affected since it is a floating floor. Your heating system and your flooring will not be in contact with each other, so you don’t need to worry about warped boards.


You can either use a vacuum to clean your floors or a mop that comes with a dust pad attached to it. Don’t be afraid to use diluted cleaning products on your floor as this should not affect the wood – but always read the back of the bottle first to check.

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