A Guide To Choosing Kitchen Worktops

Hertfordshire homeowners considering kitchen fitting at the moment need to make sure they’ve done their research so they know what worktop is best suited to them. Here’s our guide on the different materials available to help you make that all-important decision.


A popular choice for kitchen counters is laminate. It’s durable, affordable, doesn’t scratch easily and is easy to clean. What’s more, it comes in a wide range of different colours and finishes so you’ll certainly be able to find one that matches your interior décor with ease.


This is another really hardwearing option that many homeowners choose for their new kitchens. It’s easy to maintain and very resistant to scratching and chipping – perfect if you love cooking and entertaining.


While this can be expensive, it also looks the business. It’s available in a huge number of colours and is a particularly durable surface so would be a great choice if you want a really modern kitchen that will add value to your home.


This is a blend of clear acrylic and natural minerals, again available in a wide range of colours. Like quartz, it’s highly durable and if you do scratch the surface you can remove marks easily using light abrasion.


This is the perfect choice for country kitchens as it looks lovely and is very affordable. However, it can scratch and mark up very easily so you need to make sure that you have a supply of wood oil to hand to buff the surface periodically.

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