Floor Choices For Your Home

Once you have sorted out the best kitchen fitting Hertfordshire has to offer you need to make sure you have the best flooring possible, to make the most of your investment.

There are a number of different materials you can use, all with great durability and finishes for your home.


A wooden floor is a great classic finish and if you are open plant and are lucky enough to have wooden floors to sand and polish then you should definitely consider making the whole room unified with a single floor covering.

A potential problem with wood in a kitchen is moisture, as the wood can be degraded by this. This easily avoided by taking a number of steps.

You can polish with a waterproof varnish, so maybe look at the possibility of using an outdoor or yacht varnish. Shop for varnishes here.

Grouting is also a good idea as you prevent moisture getting between the gaps in the floorboards, which is a hazard in Victorian housing. More recent housing with tongue and groove floorboards may not need this.


Another traditional flooring for kitchens. This is as it is a hardy and waterproof covering, and also looks classic and smart. There are a huge number of tiles options, but if you choose classic terracotta tiles then make sure you varnish and grout them to make them easier to clean.


There are some great options for lino floorings, from the classic white and black through to a single bright colour. If you want to make a statement choose a good quality lino in a block colour.

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