Pick Your Carpenter Wisely!

When doing property refurbishments, it’s vital that you carry out extensive background checks on your qualified tradesmen so you know your money will be well spent. When choosing a Hertfordshire carpentry specialist, for example, make sure you give them a call to have a long chat before you hire them – and even head online to read reviews of their services.

What you don’t want to do is hire someone to do some work for you only to find that it is of substandard quality after the job has been completed and you’ve handed over your hard-earned cash.

If you decide you’d like a new front door, for example, it can set you back thousands of pounds and if it sticks in the doorframe, has poor hinge carpentry or a letterbox that is off centre your money will have been wasted… and every time you look at your front door you’ll be reminded of that fact.

Be inspired by this tale of David and Nicola Innalls, as featured in the Portsmouth News, who had all these problems with their entranceway after forking out £2,500 for a designer front door.

“We understood a wood door may stick in winter, it might swell a bit and we’d have to rub it down for perhaps a couple of years and give it a touch-up. But it started sticking so badly my wife was unable to open the door in the morning,” Mr Innalls said.

If you want to avoid similar problems, make sure you choose a reputable carpentry and joinery company so you know you’re making a wise investment and not buying something that will only give you a headache later on.

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