Increase The Value Of Your Home With Fitted Wardrobes

If you are looking for ideas for property renovations to improve the value of your home then you could do worse than consider investing in fitted wardrobes.

One of the top desires on the lists of many new home buyers is storage. We have some of the smallest houses in Europe here in the UK and we need to maximise our space and buying fitted wardrobes is great for this.

It is particularly important to consider opting for these if you have a period home. Alcoves next to fireplaces and uneven floors can make it difficult to find other wardrobes, so many get the professional Hertfordshire carpentry experts in to provide fitted storage space.

When you are planning them consider the dimensions you would like. Lining a small wall at one end of a bedroom, or filling an alcove looks neatest. Remember that Victorian alcoves can be quite narrow so make sure you make the wardrobe stand out from the wall slightly so you can actually fit hangers in there!

You can of course maximise the storage space in your wardrobe in different ways. Hanging shelves can be useful and you can also make sure you have some space for storage boxes so you can put away out of season clothes. Having different levels of hanging room can also help as it means you can fit some extra storage under items like short jackets and skirts.

Small shelves in the base of wardrobes can also help significantly by increasing the amount of space in your wardrobe. Look at the possibility of having room for shoe storage in the base of your wardrobe also.

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