Check Insurance Before Renting Rooms, Brits Advised

If you’re hiring a Hertfordshire carpentry specialist to come and renovate your property with a view to renting out a spare room or setting up a business from home, you should be aware that such activities could invalidate your home insurance.

According to, 11 per cent of people who do earn money from a home business have not sought permission from their housing association, landlord or mortgage lender, while 26 per cent haven’t even thought that doing so could well invalidate their policies.

The study by the price comparison site found that one-third of people in the UK have in fact tried to make extra cash from their house either by renting out a spare room, offering a pet boarding service, short-term renting through sites like Airbnb, renting a parking space or running a hairdressing salon from the house.

Ben Wilson, home insurance spokesman for the company, said: “People taking advantage of their home to earn money need to be careful they are not breaking any rules otherwise their earn from home scheme could end up leaving them seriously out of pocket.”

If you do have any major work done to your house, such as a loft conversion or extension, you also need to tell your home insurance provider as you may need to change the amount of cover you have to reflect rises in the rebuilding cost of your house before the work is carried out.

You also need to let them know about any work being done that could raise the risk of damage to the property or its contents.

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