Door Fitting/Hanging


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Internal doors come in various build qualities to suit all budgets. Flush plywood and moulded four and six panel doors for example can come in a lightweight cardboard honeycomb or solid chipboard core. Solid pine and hardwood veneer are other popular choices.

Doors bought off the shelf generally come in standard sizes. The most common being 1981mm x 762mm (6’ 6” x 2’ 6”), though there are a variety of other sizes readily available. It is quite common for bathroom and cupboard doors for example to be 1981mm x 686mm (6’ 6” x 2’ 3”). Internal doors are normally 35mm thick although 40mm is another possible option. Fire doors and external doors are generally 44mm.

It is always important to select the right size and quantity of hinges for the thickness and weight of the door. 35mm thick doors should always be hung on 75mm (3 inch butts) whilst 44mm doors should hang on 100mm (4 inch butts). Lighter doors can be hung on a pair of butt hinges, whilst heavier doors and those likely to be exposed to moisture (bathroom and airing cupboard) should always be fitted with three.

Internal doors are typically lighter than external doors due to their size and material structure.

Standard Domestic Internal Door Sizes

838mm x 1981mm 2’-9” x 6’-6”
762mm x 1981mm 2’-6” x 6’-6”
686mm x 1981mm 2’-3” x 6’-6”
610mm x 1981mm 2’-0” x 6’-6”
533mm x 1981mm 1’-9” x 6’-6”
457mm x 1981mm 1’-6” x 6’-6”

Standard Metric Internal Door Sizes 

926 x 2040mm
826 x 2040mm
726 x 2040mm
626 x 2040mm
525 x 2040mm