Study: 56% Have Botched DIY Jobs

With the May Bank Holiday fast approaching (May 25th), chances are many homeowners around the UK will be tempted to do a spot of DIY. But if you’ve got big jobs to do it might be worth calling in professional Buckinghamshire property refurbishment specialists, as research has found that people often make a lot of mistakes when renovating their homes.

Conducted by Nationwide, the survey found that 56 per cent in fact have experienced some DIY disaster or other, with 24 per cent attempting to knock down walls, 21 per cent trying to lay loft insulation, 12 per cent doing their own kitchen and 12 per cent fitting their own bathroom.

While jobs like painting and wallpapering are probably safe to do by yourself, bigger tasks such as window fitting and laying down laminate flooring are probably best left to professional carpenters and joiners. If your skills aren’t up to scratch, you could end up damaging your house and having to pay out a substantial amount to have the problems fixed.

Head of general insurance with Nationwide Martyn Dyson said: “The Bank Holiday is primetime for getting stuck into jobs around the home you’ve been putting off.  Unfortunately, you can end up causing more damage than good, especially if you’re inexperienced.”

So before you get too far in over your head, make sure you’ve got the number of a reputable company on speed dial just in case something does go wrong. We truly hope it doesn’t but at least there will be someone close to hand to help out just in case.

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